APG-Neuros Sales Representative Change to Goble Sampson Associates in California, Arizona, & Colorado

Blainville, August 5th 2016 – APG-Neuros has made a decision to move with Goble Sampson (GSA) as its
Exclusive Sales Representative to replace Misco Water in California, Colorado and Arizona. GSA has been
already representing APG-Neuros for more than eight years in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Wyoming
and Montana. The change is effective immediately. “Ever since we took on its product line over eight years
ago, APG-Neuros has maintained its position as one of the top line we represent and has continued to
impress us and our customers with its string of highly innovative aeration design solutions, its attentiveness
to our customers needs and the impressive customer service network’’, said Dave Ritter, President of Goble
Sampson Associates.

We are confident that this change will serve our customers better. With the leadership, team spirit and
forward thinking of the Goble Sampson, we will be more engaged with our customers to help them define
better technical solutions to the aeration system design with our highly successful air bearing turbo
blowers. “With being engaged directly with the owners and design engineers from project inception to
completion, we expect better installation designs and more successful operations that will drive the next
wave of new design projects to our product’’ said Mr. Omar Hammoud, CEO and President of APG-Neuros.

APG-Neuros is the market leader in North America servings its customers with over its 1,100 installed highly
successful and award winning NX series Turbo Blower; ranging from 30 HP to 700 HP and providing flow
capacity up to 15,000 SCFM at varying discharge pressure reaching 15 PSIG, making APG-Neuros the only
company to offer the complete range of product required for majority of the wastewater treatment plants.

In 2013 and 2015, PROFIT 500 Magazine listed APG-Neuros on the top 500 of Canada’s Fastest-Growing
Companies in Canada. Moreover, in July 2016, the company was honoured by the Canadian Business
Executive with 2016 ‘’Best of Canada’’ award. The company has expanded its business to the Europe with a
string of recent successful installations with repeat customers Anglian Water, Thames Water, Wessex
Water and Welsh Water in the United Kingdom, Nice in France and multiple installations in Italy.

For more information about APG-Neuros products and services, please consult our website
www.apg-neuros.com or send your inquiry to communication@apg-neuros.com.