Treatment Plants pride tilemselves on handung

Glendale Heights was also one of the first plants to install new turbo blowers (APG-Neuros) supplied by distributor Drydon Equipment, placing them in both the aeration tanks and the aerobic digester basin. “We had lots of trouble with our old positive displacement blowers,” says Fonte.
“They were con stantly breaking dO”‘~l and used a lot of electricity. We could run them only on high or low. Even though we installed a SCADA system, we could never properly ramp them up or down and keep a steady dissolved oxygen. Plu s, belts were burning up.

“Now, no more oil or greasing. We change filters every two months it’s like changing your furnace filter. We have two blowers for aeration and can usually get by with one. We have another for the digester and may add one more in the near future as a backup.’

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