Turbo Blowing the competition Away

APGN, Inc. has come a long way since its founding in 2006. Built upon Omar Hammoud’s twenty-five years of experience in the aviation and gas turbine industries, APGN brought a new level of innovation, using its knowledge to find technical solutions for some of the most complex technical issues.

From the early days, when Omar Hammoud risked everything he had to get APGN off the ground as a one-man entity, to proving the capabilities of this efficient new technology, the company has quickly asserted itself as a trailblazer.
“I worked with General Electric, United Technologies and Saffron, a French company that is the equivalent of GE and United Technologies,” Hammoud said, “So, in 2005, I left the aerospace and defence and aviation industries, and I started my own company.”
“I was doing some consultations for the investment community on Wall Street on tech development and evaluation of businesses in space and defence and also technology in aerospace and defence, and by the end of 2005, I identified an opportunity to cross over some of the technologies that were applied in aerospace and defence in the industrial segment.”

APGN turbo blowers offer a small but mighty presence through energy savings and low noise and vibration, and keep construction and maintenance costs down. Today, APGN’s range of high-efficiency turbo blowers is being used in industrial processes and water treatment operations for customers and municipalities around the world, including New York; Washington, DC; Seattle; Houston; Chicago; Vancouver; London; Mexico City and many others. There have been a total of 1,100 installations over the past eleven years.
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