Embracing variety Cincinnati’s experience with maximizing aeration system energy efficiency at three facilities

The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSDGC) is upgrading the secondary aeration systems of its three largest water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs). MSDGC serves a population of 800,000 and operates seven WRRFs with a combined daily average ow of 700,000 m3/d (184 mgd). Aeration systems typically account for 40% to 60% of the total […]

Indiana Water Environmental Association

When APG-Neuros came out with their revolutionary air-bearing technology just a few years ago in 2005, it was received with hesitation and skepticism on the wastewater market. Today, APG-Neuros’ air-bearing turbo blowers are installed in 443 locations in North America and 120 units are currently on order. The product has optimized and made aeration more […]


UPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Anderson-Calhoun Mine and Mill site is located in Leadpoint, Stevens County, Washington (Site). Site operations conducted between 1910 and the early 1980s included the mining and milling of zinc ore, and the milling of barite ore. Waste-rock and mill tailings produced by these operations were disposed at the Site in areas around […]

From Planes to WWTPs Wastewater technology finds inspiration in surprising places

O ften, a technology’s initial application is only the begin- ning of its usefulness. After a technology is proven in one industry, another may adapt it to suit its needs. As wastewater treatment profession- als look to improve efficiencies, some are turning to technologies that origi- nated far afield from wastewater treat- ment — in […]

CEO Monthly

Finally, in July 2017 APG-Neuros CEO was awarded as “Best Turbo Blower Manufacturer CEO – North America” by CEO Monthly. The award is to recognizes a CEO’s hard work to ensure that their company remains at the forefront of its industry and provides its clients with the very highest standards of products or service.