Greening the Plant: Breath of Air (TPO Magazine)

High-Speed Turbo Blowers play a central role in a Texas treatment plant’s energy efficiency upgrade project Operators at the Grace Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Longview, Texas, expect significant savings from an energy efficiency project that includes replacement of two of five older aeration blowers with high-speed, high-efficiency units. The project is part of a $1,045,625 […]

APG-Neuros, Inc. Was Selected by the Artemis Project TM as a 2011 Top 50 Water Company and APEX Sustainability Prize Winner

The Artemis Project Top 50 Unveils 2011’s Most Innovative Water Technologies Blainville, Québec (May 17 th , 2011) – APG-Neuros, Inc., leading manufacturer of high efficiency Turbo Blowers, is pleased to announce that it has been chosen by the Artemis Project TM as the winner of the Top 50 Water Companies Competition and APEX Sustainability […]


Blainville, Québec, March 17 th , 2011 APG-Neuros, division of APGN, leader in the turbo blower industry,is pleased to announce that its product line, including NX100-C,NX150-C, NX200-C, NX300-C, NX350-C, NX400-C blower modelsis UL Listed as of March 15 th ,2011 in the category of Compressors, Vacuum Pumps and Pneumatic Paint Sprayers – certificates QDGS.E338595 and QDGS7.E338595. […]

Optimization of WWTP Aeration Process Upgrades for Energy Efficiency

By K. Y. Bell* and S. Abel The volatility of energy prices, desire to improve sustainability, recently proposed legislation, and energy efficiency project funding have created big opportunities to improve energy and operation efficiency at most water and wastewater facilities. One mechanism of developing these opportunities is through energy management planning. Focusing on wastewater treatment, […]

The Evolution of Blowers

How aeronautic technology changed the way we aerate and who is behind it all. When APG-Neuros, Inc. came out with their revolutionary air-bearing technology just a few years ago in 2005, it was received with hesitation and skepticism on the wastewater market. Today, APG-Neuros’ air-bearing turbo blowers are installed in 220 locations in North America […]

Educating the Market is What It Takes

Headquartered in Boisbriand, just outside Montreal, APG-Neuros, Inc. is the driving force behind a new generation of high-speed turbo blowers for the wastewater treatment industry. It has taken the company three years to educate the market about this new development, but it is now beginning to harvest the fruits of its labor. APG-Neuros is a […]

From Planes to WWTPs: Wastewater Technology Finds Inspiration in Surprising Places

Often, a technology’s initial application is only the beginning of its usefulness. After a technology is proven in one industry, another may adapt it to suit its needs. As wastewater treatment professionals look to improve efficiencies, some are turning to technologies that originated far afield from wastewater treatment — in aerospace, for instance. Airplanes and […]