CEO Monthly

Finally, in July 2017 APG-Neuros CEO was awarded as “Best Turbo Blower Manufacturer CEO – North America” by CEO Monthly. The award is to recognizes a CEO’s hard work to ensure that their company remains at the forefront of its industry and provides its clients with the very highest standards of products or service.

Artemis Project and APEX awards

In 2011 and 2012, APG-Neuros received the Artemis Project and APEX awards for most promising companies in the water industry for applying innovative and sustainable product to address water industry challenges. In 2012, the company also received the Product Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan in the aeration technology market in North America. Frost & […]

Canadian Business Executive honors APG-Neuros with 2016 ‘’Best of Canada’’ award

Due, in large part, to its industry contributions and forward-thinking nature, APG-Neuros was selected by the Canadian Business Executive as one of 2016’ ‘’Best of Canada’’ companies. APG-Neuros received this award for its successful transformation of the market, satisfied customers, empowered employees and superior product and excellent services. The 2016 ‘’Best of Canada’’ segment and […]