Khalil Kairouz, Ph.D., P.E., LEED AP, Carollo Engineers, Moreno Valley, CA

Model #: NX300-C060 (4) – Since June 2009 & January 2010

“We have had a very successful operational results and very impressive feedbacks from clients regarding the APG-Neuros High Speed Turbo Blowers. They were very happy with the operation of the blowers – I would certainly recommend this type of blower.”

Jonathan Lane, Wastewater Operator, Benicia, CA

Model #: NX75-C80 (3) – Since November, 2008

“APG Neuros’ Turbo Blowers are the greatest thing that came long in a long time. It’s a great and easy to use blower that runs flawlessly and requires minimal maintenance. We dealt with a lot of competitors’ blowers and this one is by far the best product out there”

Michael Born, Neenah Nonwovens Facility, Kimberly-Clark Corp.

Model #: Dual Core NX500-C100 – Since October 2010

Everyone is very happy with the performance of your unit. The smoothness and quietness of the unit astounds everyone that sees it. We have informed our leadership of the unit so the word can be spread to other locations for potential future projects.

Allen K. Lucas, Utilities Engineer, Ravensview, Kingston, ON

Model #: NX150-C100 (4) & NX150-C070 (2) – Since October 2007 & December 2008 Respectively

“These blowers are far superior to anything else that we have used. Most importantly, we have worked closely with APG-Neuros to ensure the installation meets, in fact exceeds, our expectations.”

Harry P. Butland, Marlborough West Plant

Model #: NX75-C060 (2) & NX100-C060 (2) – Since November 2010

“I want to tell you that I was very impressed with the facility in Plattsburgh, and that you have assembled an excellent staff at that location. Overall I thought the PTC-10 and functional tests of the blowers went very well. I’m looking forward to having them installed and running in the plant, and expect to have may years of trouble free aeration. Thank you very much for all your assistance over the last few weeks.”

Chuck Benz, Wastewater Operations Assistant Manager, Moore’s Creek, VA

Model #: NX300-C060 (3) & NX200-C060 (2) – Since March 2010

“We are very pleased with the Turbo Blowers. It’s a great easy to use product. Likewise, we are happy with the support APG-Neuros has provided us.”

Chuck Fonte, Division Manager, Glendale Heights, IL

Model #: NX150-C070 (1) – Since September 2009

“APG-Neuros’ Turbo Blower is a great product that we are very happy with. I would definitely recommend it.”

Jonathan Lane, Wastewater Operator, Benicia, CA

Model #: NX75-C80 (3) – Since November, 2008

“APG Neuros’ Turbo Blowers are the greatest thing that came long in a long time. It’s a great and easy to use blower that runs flawlessly and requires minimal maintenance. We dealt with a lot of competitors’ blowers and this one is by far the best product out there”

Shannon Ono, Project Manager, Las Vegas Valley, Nevada

Model #: NX300-C070 (2) – Since February 2009

“APG Neuros’ Turbo Blowers gave us the results we were looking for. Good support for their product – always there to help only a phone call away”

Mark C. Egan, Plant Maintenance Supervisor, Napa Sanitation District

Model #: NX300-C080 (2) – Since September, 2008

“Thank you for the excellent service. Your company’s handling of this matter was above and beyond the service that I receive from any other company. Thank you again.”

Scott Ball, Superintendent of Maintenance of Richmond City

Model #: NX150-C070 (2) – Since September, 2008

“Love it because I can count on then 24/7 and it’s not a maintenance nightmare.”

Peter Ollos, Ph.D., P.Eng., Process Specialist, Ontario Clean Water Agency

Model #: NX50 (1), NX75 (1)

“On behalf of the Client and our staff, I would like to convey our appreciation and thanks to both of you for helping us Sunday morning.It demonstrated, once again, APGN’s product and service superiority.”

Tony Janssen, Operations Manager, Ontario Clean Water Agency

Model #: NX50-C080 (1) – Since October 2010

“It looks pretty good for hydro cost savings with the blower from APG-Neuros at the operation in the WWTP at Matheson, ON. According to our initial findings, the APG-Neuros Turbo Blower is knocking off 35 to 40% of the cost of compressing air at the WWTP. This is great news and our client is very pleased.”

Larry Bateman, Plant Operations Manager – Post Point WWTP, Bellingham, WA

Model #: NX300-C060 (4) & NX200-C060 (1) – Since August 2013

“The APG-Neuros blowers have worked flawlessly and I think the City is far better off having them. Moving to diffused air with the APG-Neuros blowers has expanded secondary capacity by 150%
while cutting energy use to half of what we were using. Puget Sound Energy is giving us a grant for $500,000 because of this energy reduction. Great stuff. A success.”

Brian Schumacker, San Bruno Water Quality Control Plant Superintendent, South San Francisco, CA

Model #: NX300-C070 (1) & NX350-C080 (1) – Since October 2012 & March 2015 respectively

“The most significant advantage of the APG-Neuros turbo blower we have seen over the previous multi-stage centrifugal blowers is the ability to maintain efficiency when wastewater influent flows are lower, helping to minimize the electrical costs to our ratepayers.”

William Burke, WWTP Superintendent – Webster, MA

Model #: NX150-C070 (2) – Since July 2010

“The Webster wastewater treatment facility’s APG-Neuros blowers were installed as part of a phosphorous removal system installation upgrade in 2010 and during that time the energy savings have more than offset our increased operational costs for intermediate pumping, chemicals and increased sludge production associated with the phosphorous removal system. Our blower maintenance costs have dropped to almost nothing and have rarely exceeded the monthly cost of new air filters.”

Jim Jacobsen Sr., DePue Mechanical, Inc., City of Joliet East Side, IL

Model #: NX350-C070 (4) – March 2012 & March 2014

“APG-Neuros may well be among the nicest or the nicest company we have ever had the privilege to work with and your team member was a pleasure to speak with. We appreciate all of our vendors, partners and friends, but your company ranks at the very top of the list. Thank you for the great news you had for us today regarding the expedited delivery of the turbo blowers “

JWes Kucera, Director of Wastewater Treatment, City of Garland, Texas

Model #: NX300-C060 (2) – Since December 2010

“The Rowlett Creek WWTP blowers started operation in the winter of 2010. The blowers have met expectations. The blowers have run almost continuously without any service calls that we can recall. Based on our experience we would recommend the APG-Neuros blowers.”

Marco Pedraza, Director of Wastewater Systems, McAllen Public Utilities

Model #: NX300-C070 (5) – NX100-C050 (3) – Since April 2011

“McAllen Public Utility (MPU) operates water and wastewater treatment facilities across the City of McAllen, Texas. As part of our Strategic Plan, we upgraded the North WWTP. The North WWTP included new aeration blowers. Based on a competitive bidding process that was based on the capital cost and guaranteed performance APG-Neuros was the low bidder. The North WWTP started up in November 2012. MPU operates five (5) NX300 HP blowers for the aeration process and three (3) NX100 HP blowers for the digestion process. Our experience with APG-Neuros blowers are recommended without reservation.