APG Neuros Bringing Innovation to Market

WE LEARN HOW A MANUFACTURER AND DISTRIBUTOR OF HIGH-EFFICIENCY TURBO BLOWERS AND COMPLETE AERATION SYSTEMS ARE POWERED BY INNOVATION.   BRINGING INNOVATION TO MARKET   Project Managed by:  Ethan Thompson Sometimes innovation can be a light bulb moment, an idea that comes out of the blue. Other times it can simply be a question of […]

Industry Tech Outlook 10 Most Inspiring CEO’s to Watch in 2020

APG-Neuros Redefining the Wastewater Treatment Arena Omar Hammoud founded APG-Neuros nearly two decades ago with strong technical and leadership qualities that he culminated over his previous 25 years in leadership positions with the three leaders in the aerospace industry. APGNeuros was born when an opportunity was identified to bring collaborative ideas and innovative technologies and […]

APG-Neuros Receives Water & Energy Innovation Award

Award water efficiency blower

We are proud to announce that APG-Neuros has been awarded the Water & Energy Innovation Award in Valencia, Spain at the WEX Global event for the innovation and work that the company has done in the development of the 1 MW Turbo Blower.

EDC invests $10M into manufacturer of ground-breaking wastewater treatment technology

APG-Neuros’ high-speed turbo blowers offer a much-needed change to aging industry Blainville, September 6, 2019 – As part of its commitment to help Canadian cleantech companies scale-up and export, Export Development Canada (EDC) is pleased to announce its support for APG-Neuros, with a $10-million investment. “EDC has been working with APG-Neuros for 10 years, supporting their […]

APG-Neuros – Exclusive Supplier of Neuros NX and NC series High-Speed Turbo Blowers in Latin America

Blainville, January 11, 2019 – APG-Neuros will be the exclusive supplier of Neuros Co. Ltd. high-speed turbo blowers in Latin America where it will expand its operations and provide new sales and after-market support of the Neuros brand NX series and NC series products. Neuros Co., Ltd. confirmed officially having terminated the agent/distribution agreement in […]

Blowing the Competition Away

APG-Neuros is a Canadian company wholly owned by Aviation and Power Group (APG), headquartered in greater Montreal, Québec. The company has its foundation in aeronautic technologies with the mandate for sales, distribution, manufacturing, aftermarket support and continued development of high-efficiency Turbo-machinery, turbo blowers and complete aeration systems for the municipal and industrial markets in North […]

Aeration System Upgrade at Atlantic Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant – Turbo Blower Supplier

For the purpose of design, the turbo blowers had to be pre-selected at an early stage of the detailed engineering design. In 2009, the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) had undertaken a comprehensive assessment of turbo blowers. From among the six invited vendors, from three continents, APG-Neuros Inc. was found to be the front-runner and […]

Case Study: NAPA Sanitation District

Inefficient Operation & Turndown NAPA Sanitation District’s consultant QuEST and Herwitt Engineering conducted a study on replacing the plant’s Multistage Centrifugal blowers to address their inefficient operation, operational inflexibility and high energy consumption. Following the recommendation of the study, NAPA Sanitation District replaced their existing blowers with the High Efficiency turbo blowers which helped them […]

Case Study: Desert Breeze

In 2007, Desert Breeze Water Reclamation Facility was facing rising energy and maintenance costs of its Positive Displacement blowers. Challenge In 2007, Desert Breeze WR In 2007, Desert Breeze WRF, located at Clark County Water Reclamation Facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, had two 125 HP Tuthill positive displacement blowers operating, providing air to the aeration […]