Wastewater Process & Controls Engineer

Job Summary

The Wastewater Process & Controls Engineer is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining control and optimization systems in wastewater treatment plants.


Main Tasks

  • Work closely with Sales, Project Management, and Engineering to understand system requirements and develop workable design concepts;
  • Design aeration system control systems and other controllers for secondary treatment optimization;
  • Provide technical assistance to the sales team during the project design;
  • Prepare submittals and operation and maintenance manuals;
  • Participate in conference calls with Consulting Engineering firms and Contractors to resolve project design related issues and convince customer of Company’s technical solutions;
  • Provide fast and dependable remote technical assistance to field support teams;
  • Coordinate with various departments, suppliers and customers as needed;
  • Define and select various aeration system components such as DO probes, flow-meters, valves and pressure transducers as per the Project Specification;
  • Prepare technical memos related to process and control system issues;
  • Prepare and provide on the job training material to customers and internal staff;
  • Maintain a well-organized and current technical database that includes configuration controls, software revisions and drawing libraries;
  • Develop innovative technical solutions to sell to customers as product distinctions and field upgrades;
  • Implement computer-based control systems using APG Neuros’ software;
  • Develop, maintain, and upgrade control system software packages;
  • Evaluate the performance of installed control systems;
  • Prepare customer reports detailing performance of the wastewater treatment process;
  • Lead workshops with plant operators and management;



  • Bachelors Degree in Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering;
  • 3-7 years of work experience;
  • Knowledge of the wastewater treatment process;
  • Experience in aeration system design and operation, especially in wastewater treatment plants;
  • Excellent computer knowledge;
  • Good communication and presentation skills;
  • Good knowledge of English (written and spoken);
  • Occasional overseas travel may be required;
  • Ability to develop strong professional relationships with vendors and customers across a wide spectrum of industry;
  • Must be able to handle multiple projects at one time;
  • The Wastewater Process & Controls Engineer should have extensive analytical and problem solving skills and work well in a fast pacing entrepreneurial environment. Must be proactive, independent, have excellent interpersonal and client-relation skills as well as strong technical abilities.


Travel Requirements

  • Up to 25% for on-site installation