1MW Turbo Blower Achieves UL Listing

We are pleased to announce that our largest blower, the APGN1500, also known as APGN1MW, has achieved UL listing complying to both US and Canadian standards.

The 1MW is the biggest one-of-its-kind Turbo Blower with one motor that supplies more air with a smaller footprint, higher total wire-to-air efficiency, more flexible control, variable speed/turndown, low maintenance, and quiet operation. It has a built-in programmable logic controller for easy operation of the Blower.

The 1MW is currently installed and in operation at Metro Water Recovery in Denver, Colorado as well as City of Las Vegas, Nevada and Central Contra Costa Sanitary District in California. The 1MW is in production and will shortly be delivered to our customer at City of Wyoming, MI.