NX Series

NX30 to NX1000D



Blower Installation Location


Working Fluid


Number of stages

Single stage



Energy Savings
0 %


Smaller Footprint
0 %


0 %


Low Noise
150 dBA


APG-Neuros’ Turbo Blower technology was founded in the aerospace and defense industry where Aero Engines were used in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and in the F-16 military aviation program, making the technology tested and reliable. The core of the technology is the patented 3rd generation bump foil air bearing which is oil-free and non-contact, needing no lubricating or associated maintenance thereby resulting in lower vibration from the rotor during operation. Its proven durability and endurance has been demonstrated through 25,000 starts; equivalent to more than twenty years lifetime in a typical operation.

Another key technology within the turbo blower is the high efficiency impeller, which is designed using in-house software based on aero gas turbine engine technology. It’s a solid forging impeller machine with 5-axis machining for higher integrity and higher fatigue life, as well as a larger diameter and precise impeller shape combined with optimal speed resulting in higher efficiency. The Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) transfers EMF to load rather than windings and slip rings with no physical contact between stator and shaft, offering high precision motor speed control.

Driven by sinusoidal PWM algorithm it lowers motor heat rejection and minimizes cooling requirements resulting in energy savings.
The High Efficiency Turbo Blower is a “plug and play” product that’s ready to use at the point of delivery with a very quick and easy installation. Everything is pre-assembled and pre-integrated inside the unit in a rigid and hermetic enclosure. Our unit has a 55% smaller footprint than conventional blowers, and can be installed outdoors under a protective shelter in the most extreme climate, both hot and cold. They are also equipped with an easy to operate touch screen (PLC) for easy control, monitoring and diagnostics on the process parameters and blower conditions.

Finally, the turbo blower is an efficient, oil-free and environmentally sustainable product providing end users with significant reductions in operating costs through energy savings of up to 40% (according to a third party study) and low installation and maintenance costs – only air filters need periodical cleaning or changing. Other important benefits include much lower noise and vibration, durability, and reliability.

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