DEMON - Deammonification Process

The DEMON® process provides the maximum possible shortcut of the traditional nitrification / denitrification.

APG-Neuros - Part of the first Demon Wastewater treatment project

APG-Neuros is a part of the first Demon Wastewater treatment project in the united states at State-of- the-Art Nitrogen Upgrade Program (SANUP) undertaken by Alexandria, Virginia and followed by the largest of its kind in the world “filtrate treatment facilities”, which designed and operated by DC water.

Treatment Process

DEMON® involves two process steps- the partial nitritation of ammonia and the subsequent anaerobic oxidation of the residual ammonia by nitrite to nitrogen gas.
Partial nitritation requires an oxygen demand of only 40 % compared to conventional nitrification. No carbon dosage (Methanol) is required due to the autotrophic nature of the process.

The enormous impact on the consumption of resources shows the nitrogen cycle. The denitrification and nitratation not take place, the nitritation only half right. The total nitrogen removal is accomplished using only a very small amount of oxygen.