APG-Neuros – Exclusive Supplier of Neuros NX and NC series High-Speed Turbo Blowers in Latin America

Blainville, January 11, 2019 – APG-Neuros will be the exclusive supplier of Neuros Co. Ltd. high-speed turbo blowers in Latin America where it will expand its operations and provide new sales and after-market support of the Neuros brand NX series and NC series products. Neuros Co., Ltd. confirmed officially having terminated the agent/distribution agreement in Latin America with Turbo and Energy Inc. (TNE Inc.) on November 23rd, 2018.

Mariano De Medina, our Sales Director for Mexico, will lead the sales efforts in the region to bring innovative and efficient aeration solutions to the Latin American market. APG-Neuros is a complete solutions provider, helping its customers from the inception stages of aeration system design leading to the supply of equipment, construction, installation, commissioning, control systems integration and after-sales. We also offer our customers process analysis, remote monitoring and equipment upgrades as well as preventive maintenance support to help them maintain high availability level of their equipment.

APG-Neuros is recognized as the force behind the successful introduction of the high-speed turbo blower technology in the wastewater treatment market in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Since 2006, APG-Neuros has been leading the way through innovation and education in the turbo blower market, modernizing an aging industry. Advanced aerospace technology, energy efficiency and quality are the driving forces behind its products. Reliable and low maintenance, APG-Neuros Turbo Blowers and Aeration Systems provide its customers with environmentally sustainable solutions in a variety of different wastewater treatment applications. APG-Neuros is the market leader in the High-Speed Turbo Blower category in North America, with 1300 units installed.

For more information about APG-Neuros’ products and services, please consult our website www.apg-neuros.com or send your inquiries to sales@apg-neuros.com.

For inquiries in Latin America, please contact:
Mariano De Medina — mdemedina@apg-neuros.com 
Tel: 866-592-9482

For media or any other inquiries, please contact:
Elana Podvalniuk — communications@apg-neuros.com
Tel: 866-592-9482