Case Study: Desert Breeze

In 2007, Desert Breeze Water Reclamation Facility was facing rising energy and maintenance costs of its Positive Displacement blowers.

In 2007, Desert Breeze WR In 2007, Desert Breeze WRF, located at Clark County Water Reclamation Facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, had two 125 HP Tuthill positive displacement blowers operating, providing air to the aeration basin. The facility was facing rising energy and maintenance costs of the blowers, which consumed at least 60% of the WRF’s energy and constantly required maintenance which resulted in periodical downtime.

That year, Desert Breeze WRF decided to install one NX100-C050 APG-Neuros turbo blower to replace their existing positive displacement ones. It became the primary dedicated blower at the facility, running at all times, providing air to the Equalisation Basin and operating at varying discharge pressures, ranging from 1.5 to 7 PSIG. The Tuthill blower is placed online only when the APG-Neuros’ blower requires filter change, about 4 times a year, which takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Positive Results
Since its installation, NX100 blower has been meeting the air demand for the basin while saving at least 25 HP compared to the former Tuthill blowers. With a total of 35,118 estimated run time hours since the start-up of the blower in 2007, the blower has demonstrated the availability level of 99.6%. With maintenance limited to occasional filter change, the plant has transformed their operation into a reliable and environmentally conscious success story. Willie Smith, the newest member of the operations team at the Desert Breeze WRF, stated: “my experience with the blower isn’t much, being new here at this facility isn’t much, being new here at this facility, but I can tell you [that] the operators who help place the unit online and have observed it working for the last 4+ years speak very highly of the unit.”

Another significant cost saving on maintenance was the re-usable filters. The plant operators have been using the same original set of filters that were supplied with the blower in 2007. This is truly amazing. The filters were simply washed when needed with industrial soap and a light pressure hose.
The High Speed Turbo Blower was able to reduce the motor by 25 HP and save thousands of dollars in operating costs annually. Additionally, due to the oil-free operation, operators have saved countless maintenance hours and associated costs.
The reduced footprint and noise level to 82 dBA has made the blower room a more comfortable working environment for staff. This installation is just one of many success stories for APG-Neuros and customers alike and is a testimony to the quality and reliability of the APG-Neuros’ Turbo Blower.