Educating the Market is What It Takes

Headquartered in Boisbriand, just outside Montreal, APG-Neuros, Inc. is the driving force behind a new generation of high-speed turbo blowers for the wastewater treatment industry. It has taken the company three years to educate the market about this new development, but it is now beginning to harvest the fruits of its labor.

APG-Neuros is a joint venture technology development company formed between Aviation and Power Group (APG), founded by Mr. Omar Hammoud in Québec in August 2005, and the Neuros Company, originally founded in Daejeon, South Korea, in 2000. Omar Hammoud was the prime mover in instigating the venture. He recalls: “We had a market with very strong possibilities for our technology in wastewater treatment plants.” In this marriage, Neuros was responsible for technology development, while APG looked after the rest of business. “We actually moved the entire development team to Canada and went on to set up production facilities near New York City.”