APG-Neuros, Inc. Was Selected by the Artemis Project TM as a 2011 Top 50 Water Company and APEX Sustainability Prize Winner

The Artemis Project Top 50 Unveils 2011’s Most Innovative Water Technologies

Blainville, Québec (May 17 th , 2011) – APG-Neuros, Inc., leading manufacturer of high efficiency Turbo Blowers, is pleased to announce that it has been chosen by the Artemis Project TM as the winner of the Top 50 Water Companies Competition and APEX Sustainability Prize. The Artemis Project, industry practice involving representatives from the EPA and the industry, identified the 2011 Top 50 most promising companies that are applying innovation in the market to address today’s dire water challenges. The companies identified were revealed at the Ontario H20 Global Water Leadership Summit held on May 17 th at the Toronto Convention Center in Toronto, Canada.

APG-Neuros, Inc. was also chosen during the H20 Global Water Leadership Summit as one of
the Top 9 companies, which were identified and awarded, by a panel of 12 judges and the EPA,
the APEX Sustainability prize that recognizes them for sustainable business models and
technologies transforming water management. “The pioneers in water technologies are focusing
on the first markets where dramatic savings in water, energy and resources matter,” says Laura
Shenkar, principal of the Artemis Project. “Good companies offer economically viable solutions,
but great companies offer solutions that last a lifetime and create sustainable value for their
shareholders and partners,” says Rengajaran Ramesh of Wasserstein and Co..

For almost 20 years, since the development of the Single Stage Centrifugal (Magnetic Driven) in
1985, there was little technological advancement in the blower industry. APG-Neuros introduced
their revolutionary air-bearing technology turbo blower in 2005 to North America. Initially, the
product was received with hesitation and skepticism by the market – “It has taken a long time –
educating the market is a slow process, but it is worth it in the long run” says Mr. Omar
Hammoud, APG-Neuros’ President & CEO.

Consequently, APG-Neuros has experienced tremendous growthyear after year as the technology became more widely accepted by the engineers and the end users alike. It all started with just one person, Omar Hammoud, in 2006 and has grown to a present total of 52 employees. Today, APG-Neuros’ has 350 turbo blowers installed and over 130 units currently on order in North America.

The 2011 competition brought together a panel of 12 judges, comprising leading experts in the water industry to evaluate the nominated companies, their innovative solution, its value in application, and the companies’ business models and core team. The judges for 2011 include: Bill Wescott, Veolia Water; Steven Kloos, GE Water; Process Technologies; Peter Williams, IBM Green Innovations; Chris Morrison, Nalco; Peleg Chevion, Syngenta; Paul Gagliardo, American Water; Andrew Salveson, Carollo Engineers; Jean Debroux, Kennedy Jenks; Paul O’Callaghan, O2 Environmental; and Rengarajan Ramesh, Wasserstein & Co. The Artemis Project solicited input from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in developing environmental, sustainability and quality assurance/quality control application questions.

The Panel selected APG-Neuros in the Top 50 Tech companies in the category and further
selected APG-Neuros in the TOP Innovative companies in the APEX category. “We have come a
long way – an enduring journey which began 5 years ago. It is nice to see that our hard work and
innovation have paid off. The recognition we received from our customers gives reassurance that
we are on the right path to provide them product innovation and excellent service. We are very
happy with the results. “ said Mr. Omar Hammoud.

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