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Redefining the Wastewater Treatment Arena

Omar Hammoud founded APG-Neuros nearly two decades ago with strong technical and leadership qualities that he culminated over his previous 25 years in leadership positions with the three leaders in the aerospace industry. APGNeuros was born when an opportunity was identified to bring collaborative ideas and innovative technologies and a new way of doing business in aerospace and defense into a stagnant industry. The aeration market in wastewater treatment and industrial applications suffered for generations the pain of quality liquidated and talents departed and all that remained were low cost and inefficient products combined with antiquated ways of doing business. APG-Neuros identified that these pains represent a great opportunity that can be addressed by a newcomer with leadership qualities, that if persisted, can lead to transformation and grow a good business.

APG-Neuros is recognized for its high-efficiency Turbo Blower technology that modernized the water and wastewater treatment market. APG-Neuros introduced highly innovative aeration solutions built around affordable high efficiency Turbo Blowers. The Turbo Blowers are designed for best efficiency using advanced technology aerospace and power generation design tools. The Turbo Blowers are manufactured with high-quality components and certified to the most stringent standards to ensure high reliability and over 99% availability. APG-Neuros produced Turbo Blowers that are integrated within its offer of smart aeration systems; built with artificial intelligence and customized to work reliably and efficiently with each customer’s operating platform, with virtually no scheduled maintenance requirements.

APG-Neuros is recognized for its high-efficiency turbo blower technology to the water and wastewater treatment market.

Today, APG-Neuros has grown its customer base to over 600 Cities and delivered close to 1,400 units over the past 14 years. These customers form a solid platform for launching new products and services and act as good references for new customers.“We see APG-Neuros capitalizing on its existing customer base and its strong brand to succeed in introducing the multiple products recently launched, which include the following,” says Omar:

• Higher capacity Turbo Blowers in the 1 to 3-Megawatt size that brings the company into the very large product size suitable for the very large wastewater treatment plants. This market segment was monopolized by a few companies offering very old technologies with not much happening over the past 50 years.

• Brand New Gas Turbine Blower that will help the customers to save over 60% on their energy cost, take them off the electric grid and allow them to use productively their Biogas, that is otherwise emitted as a pollutant to the atmosphere.

• Brand New Light Turbo Blower product line that addresses the customers looking for a low-cost option that provides the basics.

These innovative products combined with the higher pressure capacity model also introduced in 2020 are expected to bring the company new industrial applications in addition to increasing its market size in places all over the world in municipal wastewater treatment. In the addition to the new products launch, APG-Neuros also launched advance new services that proved to strengthen its customers’ satisfaction while bringing in a new stream of aftermarket sales revenues.

With the new products and services, APG-Neuros is well-positioned to accelerate its expansions into international markets not currently served by the company. This expansion is currently underway in Continental Europe, the Middle East, and South America. Further expansion into east Asia is being assessed with APG-Neuros sub-contract manufacturing partner located in South Korea. APG-Neuros believes that success to bring in innovations can be further enhanced by reforming the government procurement laws to move away from low-bid practices. Improving the municipal agencies’ decision-making and empowering them to more easily procure what they believe to be the best product from the best company will further assist APG-Neuros to develop even more interesting products and technical solutions.

The steadfast leader is also passionate about the environment and his duty to the global community drove him to embark on a long cycle of bold innovations. Omar cares about the global community and empowers his employees and inspires his customers to work together to accomplish efficiencies in everything we do as part of our fight against global warming. The CEO has applied creativity and showed courage, persistence, and resilience to overcome the hurdles coming from the entrenched competition, a conservative customer base, and dealing with low bidding prices that ruled the market for decades. Omar is inspiring with his focus on transforming the customers and advises them to focus on efficiency and reducing the footprint of all human activities. Omar strives towards making the world a more sustainable place and hand it over to the future generations better than what the past had received.