Electro-Mechanical Technician

Job Summary

In this role, the Electro-Mechanical Technician will support product development and future production duties for a new, microturbine-powered Turbo Blower. This will involve performing manual tasks associated with assembly and testing of a new Turbo Blower product. The job is based out of the APG-Neuros facility, located in Blainville, QC.



The following duties will be performed on a daily and as needed basis.

·    Perform low voltage electrical wiring connections on the product – sensors, thermocouples, electrical components, computers, etc.

·        Responsible for installation and wiring connection of industrial control panels

·      Ensure electrical safety precautions are being taken during conduct of work and product itself is electrically safe and void of electrical hazards

·    Propose improvements to be made and engage in recurring discussions regarding electrical connections/routings that improve access, installation, maintenance, reliability, and cost

·       Assist with assembly and disassembly of microturbine, enclosure, and its ancillary components

·        Modify and create fixture & assembly tooling’s when needed.

·     Ensure all shop tools are in good working order and are stored properly at the conclusion of daily activity.  Maintain them when needed.

·        Maintain assembly area 5S cleanliness

·        Perform rotor balance activities as necessary

·   Be knowledgeable of and can perform part inspections using hand gauges and electronic inspection equipment

·        Maintain organized part inventory and be able to retrieve inventory

·       Other duties as necessary


Required Skills/Abilities

·         Good verbal and written communication skills in English and French

·         Ability to function well in a high-paced and at times stressful environment

·         Can read single-line electrical diagrams

·         Can interpret well a control panel layout and provide suggestions for better wiring routes

·         Has a good understanding of separation of high and low voltage circuits

·         Can make electrical connections using various crimping tools, wire types and wire gages

·         Certified to drive a forklift or is willing to attain certification

·         Proficiency at using mechanical hand tools

·         Welding capability is good, but not mandatory

·         Able to work with Inspection measuring tools. Know high precision dimensions.

·         Inspect the parts to be assembled and verify the fits tolerances in turbines.

·         Microsoft Office skill – Excel and MS Word

·         Organized and can react to changes in work and schedule

·         Is physically capable of performing manual tasks and can lift weight up to 20kg

·         Is knowledge of using a balance machine or can be trained to perform this task

·         Team player – good interpersonal skills

·         DEP or DEC certification

·        Minimum 5 years of experience as an electro-mechanical technician

·     Can work 40-hour work week, can accommodate occasional flexible schedule, and can work extended work hours if requested

·      On occasion may be asked to travel to perform maintenance or perform after-market service if needed

·    Able to travel to APGN facility in Plattsburgh, NY (USA)  – possession of a valid passport is required

·       Employee expected to work in the facility full-time.  This is not a remote or hybrid position.

·       Some knowledge of electric motors, pumps is desirable but not mandatory