Energy Insights: Stratford, Ontario

An energy audit points the way to major savings in aeration and host of future improvements for the clean-water plant in Stratford, Ontario

Energy conservation is part of the planning process for the city of Stratford, Ontario. With the wastewater treatment plant consuming more than 20 percent of the city’s total energy, it made sense to target that facility.
A free energy assessment conducted by Festival Hydro and the plant operator, Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA), showed that more than 60 percent of the 5.7 mgd plant’s energy went to aeration through 1,600 fine-bubble diffusers.

Precise Aeration

The operations team started there. “We replaced two fixed-speed 200 hp centrifugal blowers with a single 350 hp high-efficiency turbo air blower from APG-Neuros with a built-in variable-frequency drive,” says Indra Maharjan, program manager for energy conservation and climate change with OCWA.

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