The Birth of the Air Bearing – APG-Neuros’ Gary Cederstrom

APG-Neuros is a pioneer in the use of air bearings in turbo blowers.

Plattsburgh once rumbled with the sound of jet engines and the occasional sonic boom of fighter planes shattering the sound barrier. Today, the city is host to another type of turbine, one that traces its engineering roots to fighter jets and commercial aviation, but which is seldom or ever heard: the high-speed turbo blower. Gary Cederstrom is the Coordinator of Materials Management and Administration for the 60,000 square-foot Plattsburgh production facility of Blainville, Quebec-based APG-Neuros, a joint venture between Aviation and Power Group (APG) and Neuros Company, LTD. Founded in 2006 as a South Korean-Canadian partnership, the company led by Omar Hammoud has already forged a leading position in its sector.

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