Digesteurs aérobies

La digestion aérobie est généralement utilisée dans une station de traitement à boues activées. Les boues activées résiduelles et les boues primaires sont combinées, le cas échéant, et envoyées dans un épaississeur où la teneur en solides est augmentée.

APG-Neuros has +50 projects in Aerobic Digester applications.

APG-Neuros has more fifty (50) projects with more than 150 units in aerobic digester application that are operating through a wide range of digested levels, APG-Neuros High Speed Turbo Blowers provide air to the digesters tanks using different control modes such as DO control, constant flow or pressure control.

Processus de traitement

Aerobic digestion is typically used in an activated sludge treatment plant. Waste activated sludge and primary sludge are combined, where appropriate, and passed to a thickener where the solids content is increased.

This substantially reduces the volume that is required to be treated in the digester. The process is usually run as a batch process with more than one digester tank in operation at any one time. Air Blowers are used to provide air through the tank and the contents are stirred to keep the contents fully mixed. Carbon dioxide, waste air and small quantities of other gases including hydrogen sulfide are given off.