Blowing the Competition Away

APG-Neuros is a Canadian company wholly owned by Aviation and Power Group (APG), headquartered in greater Montreal, Québec. The company has its foundation in aeronautic technologies with the mandate for sales, distribution, manufacturing, aftermarket support and continued development of high-efficiency Turbo-machinery, turbo blowers and complete aeration systems for the municipal and industrial markets in North […]

25 Percent Savings, Just Getting Started

APG-Neuros makes the turbo blower selected for the project. “They are state-of-the-art technology,” says Smith. “We feel they are going to be a very popular blower. To my knowledge, ours are the first in New York.” The manufacturer says there are 368 units operating in the U.S. and more than 1,100 installed around the world. […]

Treatment Plants pride tilemselves on handung

Glendale Heights was also one of the first plants to install new turbo blowers (APG-Neuros) supplied by distributor Drydon Equipment, placing them in both the aeration tanks and the aerobic digester basin. “We had lots of trouble with our old positive displacement blowers,” says Fonte. “They were con stantly breaking dO”‘~l and used a lot […]

Built for Sustainability

ENERGY-EFFICIENT DESIGN Besides high treatment efficiency, the plant is designed for excellent energy performance. High-efficiency turbo blowers with air bearings supply air for the aeration system. “We originally specified a very sophisticated single- stage blower,” says Kohler. “During design, APG-Neuros provided one of their turbo blowers for testing at another of our plants. We documented […]

The Evolution of Blowers

How aeronautic Technology changed the way we aerate and who is behind it all. When APG-Neuros, Inc. came out with their revolutionary air-bearing technology just a few years ago in 2005, it was received with hestation and skepticism on the wastewater market. Today, APG-Neuros’ air-bearing turbo blwers are installed in 220 locations in North America […]

Optimization of WWTP aeration process upgrades for energy efficiency

The volatility of energy prices, desire to improve sustainability, recently proposed legislation, and energyefficiency project funding have created big opportunities to improve energy and operation efficiency at most water and wastewater facilities. One mechanism of developing these opportunities is through energy management planning. Focusing on wastewater treatment, the majority of electrical energy demand is required […]

Modernizing Industry through Cutting Edge Aerospace and Aviation Technology – APG-NEUROS

Modernizing Industry through Cutting Edge Aerospace and Aviation Technology After 25 years in the aviation world, Omar Hammound, president and CEO of APG-NEUROS, found a way to take his expertise into a new market, one that was in need of great change. In 2005, while on a power generation assignment in South Korea, Omar joined […]

APG-Neuros Retrofits San Bruno Aeration System with New Turbo Blowers

The San Bruno Water Quality Control Plant (WQCP) in South San Francisco, CA, uses primarily settling treatment followed by an aeratedactivated sludge process for removal of organics and other constituents from the wastewater. The activated sludge process has two parallel trains of activated sludge treatment. Each train has multiple aeration tanks and multiple air blowers […]

Aeration System Upgrade at Atlantic Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant – Turbo Blower Supplier

For the purpose of design, the turbo blowers had to be pre-selected at an early stage of the detailed engineering design. In 2009, the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) had undertaken a comprehensive assessment of turbo blowers. From among the six invited vendors, from three continents, APG-Neuros Inc. was found to be the front-runner and […]