APG-Neuros is recognized as the force behind the successful introduction of the high-speed turbo blower technology in the wastewater treatment market in the Western World.

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APG-NeurosAttending the Pacific Water Conference this week in Honolulu, HI? Stop by the Hawaii Engineering Services booth to learn more about their offerings and @APG_Neuros products! #hawaii #wastewater #treatment #blowers https://t.co/a6j4ngiS86
APG-NeurosAPG-Neuros team wishes you all the best in 2019! https://t.co/7MbTMvGgLa
APG-NeurosWe are honored to be part of the @dcwater Filtrate Treatment Facilities upgrade project and supply air for the DEMON® process for nitrogen removal at the Blue Plains Advanced #WWTP. 12 NX150-C100 #turbo #blowers provide air to the SBR reactors (2 blowers per reactor) #efficiency https://t.co/rS2ZJ0sd5R
APG-NeurosWe are proud to have our #blowers up and running in Soldotna, our first installation in Alaska! The three dual-core NX100-C060 High-Efficiency Turbo blowers supply air to the aeration basins where the extended aeration activated sludge process takes place. #wastewatertreatment https://t.co/CIUk9fLwg5
APG-NeurosThank you, everyone, for stopping by our booth at WEFTEC! It's a wrap for 2018 - see you in Chicago next year! In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us at https://t.co/WEFK4qsiDj or give us a call at 1-877-717-4150. #blower #WEFTEC2018 #aeration #wastewater #efficiency https://t.co/eOCmD8ZJlL
APG-NeurosComing for WEFTEC to New Orleans? Stop by our booth #3407 to see our 200 HP and 50 HP #blowers! Use our promo code EVITE1186 for a free expo registration! Can't make it to WEFTEC? Get in touch with our team of engineers today! https://t.co/NEtAtDDzdN https://t.co/2586pi2BQ7
APG-NeurosDid you miss the webinar last week on #Aeration #Blower #Turndown #Strategies? Not to worry! You can still access the webinar on-demand and view it at your convenience. Presentation video & PowerPoint: https://t.co/cVE3mOEo3h #wastewater #wastewatertreatment https://t.co/q6nkLYIS5W
APG-NeurosJoin us for the Air Best Practices Webinar on August 2nd to learn about Aeration Blower Turndown Strategies! Sign up for free at https://t.co/cVE3mOEo3h #efficiency #blower #wastewater #turndown #aeration https://t.co/nL5i4ksfTL
APG-NeurosThank you to everyone who took the time to stop by and visit our booth at #IFAT2018! Please visit our website https://t.co/bbqRHdtiiV for more information on our products and solutions. See you in 2020! @IFATworldwide #blower #wastewater #airbearing #turbo #efficiency https://t.co/mmtE7r2jvt
APG-NeurosRT @JPLinteau: Who's Who of Canadian #water #Cleantech is at #IFAT2018 in 🇩🇪 with our @TCS_SDC Check out @OstaraTech @EMAGINtech @APG_Neur

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